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July 2018 Archives

Retaliation for complaints may lead to legal claims in New York

Many people feel like staying under the radar while at work can help them avoid trouble. However, when a serious situation arises, individuals should not fear retaliation in the event that they file a complaint. Unfortunately, this type of unfair treatment can befall many workers, and as a result, they can face difficult circumstances.

Airline workers claim discrimination after facing dismissal

Wanting to learn a foreign language or feeling accomplished for knowing more than one language is common among many people. This type of skill is also usually seen as an asset, but in some cases, workers may find themselves facing discrimination at work due to speaking a language from their native country or otherwise related to their race. When such mistreatment occurs on the job, workers may have reason to file complaints.

Gender discrimination leads to lawsuit

Just like men, women often want to thrive at their chosen careers. However, unlike most men, women also often tend to face gender discrimination that can leave them far behind their male colleagues due to being passed over for promotions or facing other unfair treatment simply due to their gender. Many women may even feel the need to contend with harassment on the job or otherwise get fired.

Women often face pregnancy discrimination at work

Pregnant workers are protected under law from facing unfair treatment at work. Of course, discrimination is not uncommon in the workplace, and many women have found themselves bearing the brunt of unfair treatment due to their expectancy or new motherhood. This type of discriminatory action can have negative impacts on their career paths and lives overall.

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