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December 2017 Archives

Where should White Plains employers start on their handbooks?

Owning a company that has employees requires taking certain steps to protect the employees and the company as well. This means having an employee handbook that outlines the policies and procedures that provide a harassment and discrimination free workplace that fosters productivity. To that end, White Plains employers should provide employees with handbooks that include at least the following.

New York women face more workplace discrimination than men

The workplace should be an environment free from unjust perceptions, where employees are treated equally and reviewed, compensated and promoted based on their skills. Unfortunately, New York employers continue to allow workplace discrimination to flourish. Nearly half of all women in the United States report experiencing gender-based discrimination in their place of work.

Fire Department of New York facing discrimination claims, again

Fire departments provide an invaluable service to communities. The men and women who serve in New York fire departments provide more than just firefighting skills, and often respond to devastating car accidents and other emergency situations. It is important for these departments to hire and promote the most-qualified civilian and EMS workers to support firefighters, but one department apparently has a problem doing so.

New York VA workers might be affected by retaliation

Veterans Affairs Medical Centers provide a vital service to the men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces. However, at least one former employee claims that the VA center where she worked was rife with corruption. When she tried to report ongoing problems, she faced the same outcome that many New York whistleblowers deal with -- retaliation.

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