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September 2017 Archives

Does my New York employer owe me overtime?

Understanding how much an individual should be paid and the methodology for determining that amount should be straightforward for everyone, but this is unfortunately not always the case. Wage disputes regarding overtime are not uncommon when employers fail to act within the law or purposely withhold relevant information. New York employees can determine whether they might be owed overtime pay according to the Fair Labor Standards Act's test.

7 steps for mitigating employee lawsuits

While it may be impossible to completely prevent lawsuits, there are steps you can take to mitigate the chances of employee litigation. It is in your best interest to have an attorney help you with each of these steps to ensure they are completed efficiently and effectively.

Gender discrimination can occur at tech companies in New York

Three women who used to work at Google have claimed that they were mistreated on the basis of their gender. For instance, the women allegedly received systematically less pay compared with their male colleagues, which is illegal in New York and other states. The women have thus filed a suit against this internet giant.

Federal workplace discrimination lawsuit may be filed in New York

Two police officers at a community college recently claimed that the college discriminated against them. They have therefore decided to file a federal suit against the institution, claiming race, gender and age discrimination. Their complaint was filed on a Tuesday and alleges that the former chief of police at the college behaved in a discriminatory manner for three years. Any employee in New York who has suffered such discrimination has the right to seek justice through the civil court system.

Police officers many face race discrimination in New York

A police officer at a well-known university in another state recently asserted that he was discriminated against due to being a Caucasian man. He has filed a race discrimination lawsuit against the university. Race discrimination is illegal, and any employer in New York that allows it to take place may encounter legal problems at the state and or federal level.

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