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April 2018 Archives

Wage theft continues to run rampant, affects New York workers

No one likes to feel like they were cheated in any type of situation. When it comes to money, if individuals feel that they did not receive the compensation to which they were entitled, they may feel deceived as well as uncertain about what to do. If workers believe that they have been the victims of wage theft, legal action may be warranted.

Lawsuit filed against university due to discrimination

Many people often have the same job for decades. They likely chose their career path at a relatively young age and worked hard to obtain the position they desired. While they may have worked those many years without much incident, a sudden change could easily result in a once friendly work environment turning hostile due to discrimination.

Unclear, unfair terms in contracts and handbooks may cause strife

Many employers utilize agreements in hopes of clarifying what is expected of employees and what employees can expect from their bosses. Though individuals may do their best to make the terms of employment contracts and handbooks clear, there may be issues that make them unenforceable or otherwise lead to disputes with employees. In such cases, New York employers could face litigation.

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