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July 2019 Archives

Senior care facility owes workers after wage violations

Many employees feel as if their employers are the ones with the power and control at their places of employment. While that notion may be true in some sense, workers also have power, especially when it comes to standing up to violations they face in the workplace. If New York workers believe that they have faced wage violations, they have options for standing up to the wrongdoing.

Women move forward with employment litigation after firings

When employees are treated unfairly, it can become disheartening to go into work. In some cases, the unfair treatment may not necessarily be illegal, but in other instances, workers could have their rights violated by their employers. If violations do occur, employment litigation could take place.

Man files claim for religious discrimination

Religious beliefs play different roles in the lives of New York residents and those elsewhere. In some cases, individuals may need specific accommodations at their places of work due to the beliefs that they hold. Unfortunately, openly expressing these beliefs and requesting accommodations could sometimes result in religious discrimination.

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