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May 2019 Archives

Blowing the whistle could lead to employment lawsuit

Most employees have a sense of trust and respect for their employers. While they undoubtedly hope that their employers would not carry out actions that were illegal or harmful to the company, employees or consumers, that is not always the case. In some instances, an employee may discover wrongdoing in the workplace and end up blowing the whistle.

Amazon faces claims of religious discrimination

Unfortunately, going to work is not a pleasant experience for every New York resident and those elsewhere. Some people may simply dislike their jobs, but others face hostility and fear at their places of employment due to discrimination. Some workers may even worry about losing their jobs if they openly practice their religion.

You can and should refuse dangerous work

Some jobs are just plain dangerous no matter what. New York happens to be chock-full of two of the most dangerous industries: construction and cooking. Both of these labor-intensive jobs run the risk of severe injury due to heavy lifting in unstable, fast-paced environments.

Former PayPal employee files gender discrimination lawsuit

Not receiving an expected promotion or another benefit at work can come as a great disappointment to New York workers and others elsewhere. The situation may become even more disheartening when workers believe that they were passed over for promotion due to their gender. Unfortunately, gender discrimination continues to affect numerous people.

Women claim workplace retaliation is widespread at Google

Workers in New York should be able to speak out against workplace wrongdoings without fearing repercussions. Unfortunately, retaliation for such actions is still an ongoing issue that workers across many industries still deal with. Two Google employees recently spoke out about retaliation, detailing their own experiences after they organized a workplace walkout.

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