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November 2017 Archives

New York workers may be affected by wage and hour law violations

Workers often feel as if they are at the mercy of their employers. Whether New York employees have concerns about compensation, vacation time or working conditions, few bring their worries to their employer's attention out of fear of retaliation. However, when it comes to wage and hour laws, employers must follow state and federal guidelines.

New York wage disputes require an experienced hand

Wage disputes can be complicated no matter which side you are on. Personal finances tend to be a sensitive topic, and many people in New York feel uncomfortable discussing financial matters, even when they might be unfairly compensated for their time. However, when it comes to income, it is important to advocate for yourself rather than risk financial insecurity.

Wells Fargo may have retaliated against New York employees

Wells Fargo recently came under fire after employees exposed a series of scandals. Accused of charging customers in New York and elsewhere for unnecessary products, the company is also facing another onslaught of accusations, this time for workplace retaliation. Several employees claim that they were fired for whistleblowing.

Uber accused of driving workplace discrimination against women

Whether in small towns with limited public transportation or booming cities with vast networks of buses and taxi cabs, Uber seems to be everywhere. The ride-sharing company shook up much of the transportation industry in New York and elsewhere, but some people claim that the company is not as forward-thinking as it claims to be. After dealing with past workplace controversies, Uber was recently accused of workplace discrimination.

A surprisingly high amount of employees feel bullied at work

Bullying does not stop in grade school. It can continue into adulthood, found in office environments and businesses. Bullying looks a little different as an adult, but it still makes the victim feel disrespected. A surprisingly high amount of American workers feel bullied on the job. According to a USA Today article, 29 percent of employees say they have been bullied by coworkers or bosses.

New York VA patients might benefit from whistleblower

Raising the alarm over improper practices in the workplace can be difficult, especially as most people understand that many whistleblowers face unfair retaliation. Retaliation in New York is not always clear-cut, and can be more subtle than firing or demoting the whistleblower. A dentist who works in a Veterans Affairs clinic claims that she is the victim of whistleblower retaliation and, as a result, has been unable to see patients.

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