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June 2016 Archives

White Plains Student Discipline Lawyer Discusses Off Campus Incidents

As an experienced Student Discipline Lawyer I often field questions about high school students getting in trouble off campus.  In the White Plains, NY the question of discipline against students in the public schools actually transcends and what actually occurred on school property, versus what occurred off school property, and certainly the arm of the school reaches beyond campus grounds. There are school activities which actually take place, extra curriculum activities, games and things along those lines where school rules do apply. There are also rules that do apply off campus in White Plains, New York. For example, online;  even though a student may not be physically on campus when they are making an online post or chat, their post could be viewed as a violation of school rules, if it transcends to the point of being bullied and your child needs to be aware. Also, schools out there are making students aware, that it’s not only the on campus behavior that they need to worry about but how they portray themselves off campus; how they behave, how their friends behave, what circles they are involved in and what the is going to amount to some type of violation of school policies.

White Plains Employment Attorney Discusses Filing a Claim with the EEOC

As an experienced White Plains Employment Attorney I am often asked about filing claims with the EEOC.  To assert a federal claim of discrimination in court, you must take the preliminary step of filing a claim of discrimination with the EEOC. Up until recently the EEOC took little attention on most claims that were filed, the EEOC has 180 days to investigate your claim, but never had the sufficient staff to investigate the claim. After 190 days, the EEOC can advise you that they can't get to your complaint and they may issue you a right to sue your attorney or you may ask for a right to sue before that 180 day period is up.  At that juncture you can go to federal court within 90 days and ascertain your complaint that you have filed. If you duly filed a complaint with the EEOC that is an allegation that you must make in your federal complaint to assert a federal claim of discrimination.

Orange County Employment Attorney Discusses Discrimination Claims in New York

As an experienced Orange County Attorney people frequently come to me with claims of discrimination in the terms and conditions of employment. When I think that they have a claim, there are many options that I discuss with the client. First of all, if they have a claim under federal law, either under title 7, under the Americans with disabilities act, and under the age discrimination and employment act.  Before one can even commence a lawsuit in federal court, one must file a claim of discrimination with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. There are time frames in which to do this so we caution people who are thinking about such a claim to talk to us sooner rather than later because we don’t want you to be out of luck. The EEOC is an administrative form, and up until recently our experience is that the EEOC took very little action except to say that they couldn’t investigate because there weren’t enough staff members that would give the employees the right to sue.

White Plains Employment Lawyer Discusses Unemployment Benefits

As an experienced White Plains Employment Lawyer I am regularly asked about unemployment benefits. In this day and age where so many people have been terminated from their positions because of economic reasons or some other reasons, we frequently are asked whether the individual can collect unemployment benefits. Under many circumstances, the answer is that you can in fact receive these benefits.

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