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Month: August 2015

My Rights to Due Process

Due process in New York is always an area that needs to be looked at in terms of the type of employment that you hold. In the private setting there typically is no right to due process. Typically, the right to due process is found in employment in White Plains, New...

What Are Equal Protection Rights?

Equal protection is another avenue where an employee can bring a complaint against their employer in White Plains, NY and  where they are being treated differently. In addition, to the laws that cover discrimination in the work place, title seven covers discrimination...

Challenging a School Expulsion

Depending on what happened in the school setting if a college student is expelled from school, sometimes there is a special proceeding that can be brought to challenge that dismissal in White Plains, NY. We need to look at the facts and circumstances, what evidence...

Accused of Cheating at the University Level

The student discipline lawyers in White Plains at Gould & Berg LLP, have had university students coming to us in both the public setting and the private setting who have been accused of cheating on an examination, or plagiarism and the question is, can a lawyer...