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October 2018 Archives

EEOC sues after unpaid pregnancy discrimination settlement

Pregnancy often means that a significant change is coming to someone's life or multiple people's lives. Typically, these changes are exciting, and expectant parents often look forward to welcoming a child. However, mothers-to-be can also face negative changes such as facing pregnancy discrimination at work.

Settlement results from worker's discrimination claim

It is important for New York workers and those elsewhere to understand their rights. Without this information, they could face negative treatment at work and think that they just have to take it. Fortunately, there are many laws and regulations in place that work to protect employees from discrimination and other unjust actions in the workplace.

What does pregnancy discrimination look like?

Introducing a new child into the world is life-changing. However, one part of your life it should not have a large effect on is your job. When you are pregnant, your employer cannot treat you unfairly due to your pregnancy but unfortunately, pregnancy discrimination occurs in the workplace.

Employment litigation may result when worker rights are violated

When businesses face issues that lead to them having to go out of business, it is not just the company owners who are affected. The employees of the companies can face detriment from business closings, and when the employers do not take the correct steps to inform the employees and make sure that the employees' rights have not been violated, the detriment could be even greater. In such cases, New York workers and those elsewhere may feel the need to move forward with employment litigation.

Workers win in recent wage theft, wrongful termination cases

Many people work in restaurants as a way to earn an income. Individuals can stay in this industry for many years and find it a stable way to provide for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, some restaurant employers may not treat their workers fairly when it comes to compensation, and as a result, workers may not receive their earned pay. In such cases, individuals may make legal claims regarding wage theft.

Airline worker files workplace discrimination suit after firing

People of color often face difficulties in life that other people do not. In a considerable number of instances, workers may face workplace discrimination due to their race or the color of their skin. These instances are unacceptable, but many workers can suffer negative consequences before action is taken.

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