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March 2018 Archives

Fitness company owes employees due to wage theft violations

Many people may work in their chosen profession because they enjoy the work, even if it does not pay well. However, individuals in lower-paying jobs are still entitled to their earned wages, and in some cases, workers may not be receiving all the compensation they should. As a result, they may become victims of wage theft and face financial detriment.

Pregnancy discrimination may lead to wrongful termination

In today's society, it is not unusual for mothers to hold full-time jobs. With various options for child care, many people feel comfortable with this type of arrangement. Of course, before their children are born, many expectant mothers may fear for their jobs, and unfortunately, pregnancy discrimination can make it difficult for women to stay employed.

New York workers face retaliation for safety complaints

Though many jobs have dangerous aspects to them, employers should not knowingly violate safety regulations. If they do, workers can be placed at even greater risk than necessary. When workers do end up in this type of situation, they may feel the need to speak up. Unfortunately, these individuals could also face retaliation for pointing out violations.

Google subject of gender discrimination, harassment lawsuit

Hostile work environments can come from any type of job. Individuals from low-paying service industries to high-income and high-profile jobs can all face mistreatment while working. Unfortunately, women in particular may face gender discrimination and sexual harassment on the job that can make it difficult to perform and even keep their jobs.

Wage theft can cause workers to earn far below minimum wage

Holding down a job can have its difficulties for many people, but they often work hard in attempts to provide for themselves and their families. The wages they earn may not be the most ideal amount, but they also likely pay the bills and help make ends meet. However, individuals may face unfair situations if their employers are committing wage theft and not providing proper compensation.

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