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June 2018 Archives

The Cheesecake Factory partially liable for unpaid earned wages

Earning an income is what allows most individuals to live in the manner they choose. Of course, most people earn a wage lower than what they would like to have but still manage to get by. When workers are not given their full earned wages, that ability to get by may become much harder due to a lack of proper compensation.

Acts of discrimination can cause hardships for employees

Having a job is an important aspect of most New York residents' lives. It often gives them a sense of purpose and also allows them to earn an income off which to live. Individuals with disabilities also feel this way and have this need, but employers may be less likely to treat them in the same manner they would employees without disabilities. In fact, some employers may carry out acts that constitute discrimination.

Employment agreements may act as useful protection

Employers have many duties and responsibilities. In addition to making sure businesses run as they should, they also have the responsibility of ensuring that their workers remain on task and are treated fairly on the job. All of these efforts can seem overwhelming, and in hopes of protecting themselves from unnecessary conflicts, New York employers may want to consider creating employment agreements.

Former nurse wins retaliation lawsuit against hospital

When an employee witnesses wrongdoing in the workplace, he or she may wonder whether speaking up is the right step. Some individuals may not think twice about pointing out unfair treatment, but others may worry about the impacts it could have on their jobs. Unfortunately, some workers could become the victims of retaliation if they do choose to stand up for themselves or others.

Some employers do not properly compensate workers

There are various employment laws in place that work to protect employees from unfair practices. Unfortunately, not every employer abides by the law, and New York workers can end up suffering. In particular, when employers do not properly compensate their workers for time and services, individuals could face stress and financial difficulty.

Disgraced producer Weinstein finally appears in NY criminal court

The once-powerful Hollywood producer whose behavior helped ignite the #MeToo movement recently made his first court appearance on criminal charges for alleged sexual misconduct involving two women. Harvey Weinstein was arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court on charges of rape and committing a criminal sexual act. If convicted, he faces up to 25 years in prison.

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