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May 2017 Archives

Race-based discrimination suit may be filed in New York

A few deputy attorneys in a nearby state recently accused officials in another state of discriminating against Blacks by not giving them promotions. In addition, these officials reportedly did not represent them among the top attorneys in the state. If an employee experiences race-based discrimination on the job in New York, it is within his or her right to take legal action.

Sexual harassment, discrimination may occur in New York companies

A former employee of a virtual reality business in another state recently claimed she suffered gender discrimination along with sexual harassment. Both of these behaviors are illegal at companies throughout the United States, including those in New York. The woman has therefore filed a lawsuit against the startup.

Workplace retaliation may occur at university in New York

Two university employees in another state recently claimed they were retaliated against after speaking up against alleged financial waste that was occurring at the university. They have filed a lawsuit against the educational institution. Employees in New York who face retaliation in the workplace for whistleblowing have the right to seek justice through the civil court system.

Black anchor sues New York station for racial discrimination

A news anchor at Fox News recently claimed that he suffered race-based discrimination while working at the company. The anchor is now part of a group of both present and former staff members who have accused this New York cable television company of workplace discrimination. He is the sole African-American male anchor with the company.

Asians claim race discrimination in New York workplace

A startup in the data analytics field recently settled a suit filed against it regarding its discriminatory hiring practices. Specifically, the company was accused of discriminating against Asian applicants. If New York workers suffer race discrimination in the workplace, they may have the right to legal recourse.

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