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Black anchor sues New York station for racial discrimination

On Behalf of | May 11, 2017 | Uncategorized

A news anchor at Fox News recently claimed that he suffered race-based discrimination while working at the company. The anchor is now part of a group of both present and former staff members who have accused this New York cable television company of workplace discrimination. He is the sole African-American male anchor with the company.

The man asserted that he would file separate charges alleging discrimination in addition to joining an existing suit that a handful of other workers have filed against the company. He claimed that he was reluctant to file charges against Fox News and that he enjoyed the people he worked with. However, he said that he did not like their racial bias.

For instance, the man claimed that he was not allowed to go on the show of Bill O’Reilly to talk about how the United States could achieve reconciliation among races. In addition, he asserted that O’Reilly did not want to show a news series about Blacks’ positive contributions to their communities, as it would show them in too positive of a light. Fox News denied these allegations.

Employers in New York are legally prohibited from engaging in discriminatory practices in the workplace. Unfortunately, many of them still do when it comes to hiring or promoting employees. In some cases, employees end up being demoted or terminated due to their race. In these situations, discriminated-against employees or job applicants have the right to file race discrimination claims against the companies that permitted the discrimination. Remedies in a successfully fought suit might include monetary relief and even the reinstatement of a job, depending on the circumstances surrounding the case.

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