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November 2018 Archives

University employee claims workplace discrimination after firing

Obtaining a desired work position can be challenging. Unfortunately, many individuals in New York and other areas can face even more challenges to reach this goal due to having to contend with workplace discrimination. In fact, discriminatory acts from the same individuals can often lead to one person being passed over for a job multiple times.

How should a business respond to sexual harassment allegations?

Sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace are serious matters for all involved, including the business that it may have occurred at. Sometimes it can be difficult to know how a business should respond when an employee says he or she has been sexually harassed or discriminated against. However, the response a business makes to these allegations can affect the view employees have of the business as well as the business’ liability. That is why it is important to know some of the best steps to consider taking in response to sexual harassment or discrimination allegations.

Worker claims retaliation after boss attempts to thwart testimony

Some people find it difficult to stand up for what is right. This feeling is understandable as some individuals may face negative repercussions for trying to help others or take action along those lines. However, if a worker faces retaliation in the workplace for standing up for a co-worker's claim of discrimination, that worker may have cause to take legal action.

FedEx employees awarded compensation after facing retaliation

New York employees and those elsewhere have a reasonable expectation to work in an environment that is free from unnecessary safety risks. When workers notice safety concerns that may affect themselves or others, they should have the ability to report those concerns without fear of repercussion. However, some individuals may face retaliation from employers after making such concerns known.

Man with HIV claims discrimination in employment litigation

Many people have illnesses, disabilities or other health conditions that often have a negative stigma attached to them. Though these stigmas may have no real basis, individuals can still suffer from negative treatment and discrimination from others. When employers treat workers unfairly because of their conditions, it may warrant employment litigation.

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