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October 2019 Archives

Wage theft case comes to settlement; workers to receive back pay

Most New York workers want to do their best whenever they are on the job. Often, compensation and other benefits can act as encouragement to do a good job. However, some workers may do their duties to the best of their abilities but not receive proper compensation due to wage theft.

Survey indicates that workplace discrimination remains prominent

All New York workers want to feel comfortable in their places of employment. They should not have to feel as if they will be mistreated for no reason, but many workers across the country do experience workplace discrimination. Unfortunately, it can affect individuals in all industries and of all ages.

Worker claims retaliation after being fired

It can be difficult to feel singled out in any type of situation, especially if the attention that results is negative. Some workers may find themselves singled out by employers or managers as an act of retaliation for filing a complaint. In some cases, the mistreatment could even come as a dismissal from the job.

New York workers could be fired for illegal reasons

Losing one's job is never an easy experience. Some New York residents may go over the event in their minds numerous times to determine whether they could have done anything differently to prevent this outcome. However, some people know that they did nothing wrong and that they were unjustly terminated from their position due to illegal reasons.

How can workers address pregnancy discrimination?

Many people have more than one goal in life. For some New York residents, having a career and having a family are two goals that they want and likely can achieve. However, some women may have a difficult time reaching these goals if they face pregnancy discrimination in the workplace.

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