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How can workers address pregnancy discrimination?

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2019 | Gender & Pregnancy Discrimination

Many people have more than one goal in life. For some New York residents, having a career and having a family are two goals that they want and likely can achieve. However, some women may have a difficult time reaching these goals if they face pregnancy discrimination in the workplace.

If a worker feels that she has been discriminated against due to being pregnant, she may wonder what to do. A good place to start is to go over the employee handbook to determine whether there are policies on how to handle discrimination complaints. Hopefully, the handbook will detail how to file a complaint and what actions should be taken afterward. However, it is important to remember that, if a company has fewer than 15 employees, it may not have to comply with federal laws prohibiting such discrimination.

If the company does have more than 15 employees and has a handbook with complaint policies, the worker should follow that procedure. Of course, even following proper procedure may not result in a thorough or satisfactory investigation into the claims. If the problem continues, the worker may need to file a report with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Filing a complaint with the EEOC is not always easy, and it is often wise for New York residents who have faced pregnancy discrimination to have assistance. Experienced employment law attorneys could help interested parties file their complaints as well as understand their legal options. Such matters can go to court, and having legal support during that time can prove invaluable.