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April 2019 Archives

Protests and lawsuits result from wage theft

While money may not be the most important thing in many people lives, it is still important in many ways. After all, receiving pay is the reason that many New York residents go to work each day. As a result, when employers commit wage theft, employees can suffer significant setbacks.

Former Netflix executive files pregnancy discrimination lawsuit

Though pregnancy can be an intense experience, it often does not inhibit individuals' abilities to perform their work-related duties. Many women in New York and elsewhere can easily carry on working well into the later stages of pregnancy or even up until their due dates arrive. However, their abilities may be overlooked if they are treated unfairly on the job due to pregnancy discrimination.

Claims for wage and hour violations can stem from unpaid overtime

Going into work can be a process for most New York residents. They may have a morning routine at home that includes showering, making coffee, getting dressed and a number of other activities to ensure that they get their day started right. When they finally make it to their places of employment, they may have to go through another routine before they can even get started working. However, if they do not get paid for mandatory check-ins, they may be the victims of wage and hour violations.

Legal action taken against unfair employment practices

Many New York residents may feel that they are at the beck and call of their employers. They may believe that they have to do everything those employers say or risk putting their jobs on the line. However, if workers suspect that their employers are carrying out unfair practices or mistreating workers, they do not have to remain silent. If they face negative repercussions as a result of speaking out, taking legal action may be warranted.

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