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September 2018 Archives

You may not like your work environment, but is it hostile?

Many individuals do not like their positions, bosses, coworkers or work environment. Perhaps you do not connect to your workplace culture, or you feel as though your boss’s comments about your work are picky. Maybe your coworker talks too loud, or you even sit by an employee that wears too much perfume. Unfortunately, none of these examples constitute a hostile work environment.

Walmart facing lawsuit for discrimination of pregnant workers

While many people face challenges on the job, some workers may face more hardships than others. In some cases, those difficulties may be caused by their employers simply not following the law. In particular, pregnant workers may end up trying to deal with unnecessary hardships at work due to discrimination.

Training may help but not always prevent workplace discrimination

Needing a job is one of life's many realities that most people in New York and elsewhere contend with. Many individuals are fortunate enough to enjoy their work and have pleasant working environments. Unfortunately, that is not the case for everyone, and workplace discrimination can easily affect numerous employees who may even fear going to work.

Employment litigation results from mandatory Bible study meetings

People commonly practice religions that differ from other individuals around them. Fortunately, the U.S. Constitution allows for a freedom of religion that protects these practices. On a less positive note, some people may face discrimination on the basis of their religions, which can even take place at work. When this happens, employees or former employees may have reason to pursue employment litigation.

Age discrimination can start at the hiring process

When many New York residents think of someone looking for a job, the first image that comes to mind may be of a young college grad hoping to start a long-standing career. However, anyone of adult age could end up on the hunt for a new job. Some people may do so out of a change in career path, and others may have suffered recent job loss that has them back on the market. Unfortunately, older prospective employees may face the injustice that is age discrimination.

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