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November 2016 Archives

Orange County Employment Attorney Discusses a Company Asking for Medical Documentation When Requesting Time Off for Surgery

As experienced Orange County Employment Attorneys, we often speak with employees who find themselves in situations where they’re facing some health concern. Perhaps it will take them out of work for a period of time; it could be short term or long term. Often the situation is thought to be short-term and it ends up developing into long term. What happens in these situations if you have to take a look at the company policies for say short term or long term disability, you have to see for example if the company is covered by the Family Medical Leave Act, which would provide you with 12 weeks of unpaid leave and hopefully job protection, and you’ll have to see whether or not there’s any other provisions in the company’s rules or regulations, say a handbook or manual, that would require you to do any particular things to obtain those kinds of benefits.

Westchester County Employment Lawyer Discusses Being Demoted For Trying to Unionize

As experienced Westchester County Employment Lawyers, we often have clients who come to us, particularly in the municipal situation, where the client is a professional himself and has actually tried to unionize, to organize a group of other people at his workplace into a collective bargaining unit or a union. In one particular case we had recently, the employer was aware that this employee, our client, was involved in this activity and suddenly the employee was demoted.

Dutchess County Employment Lawyer Discusses Whether Your Company is Required to Respond to a Complaint from a Former Employee

Employees in New York can sue either in state or federal court or they can also bring claims before local, state and federal agencies. In fact, in order to sue in federal court on a federal law claim, you have to bring a claim first with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the EEOC as we refer to it, will issue you as an employee a right to sue letter so that you can bring your case into court.

Putnam County Civil Rights Lawyer Discusses A Tenant Suing Ground Workers for Sexual Harassment

As experienced Putnam County Civil Rights Lawyers, we often see cases where there are what we would refer to as a class of people or a class action, this is a multi-plaintiff case where several individuals will sue for similar acts, not necessarily identical, but by suing together, they attempt to build a case stronger than if they sued individually. The way they do that is by levying allegations, for example with this housing situation where maybe one or two actors are the target, but because there have been similar instances against each of them they are essentially building a stronger claim.

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