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Orange County Employment Attorney Discusses a Company Asking for Medical Documentation When Requesting Time Off for Surgery

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2016 | Uncategorized

As experienced Orange County Employment Attorneys, we often speak with employees who find themselves in situations where they’re facing some health concern. Perhaps it will take them out of work for a period of time; it could be short term or long term. Often the situation is thought to be short-term and it ends up developing into long term. What happens in these situations if you have to take a look at the company policies for say short term or long term disability, you have to see for example if the company is covered by the Family Medical Leave Act, which would provide you with 12 weeks of unpaid leave and hopefully job protection, and you’ll have to see whether or not there’s any other provisions in the company’s rules or regulations, say a handbook or manual, that would require you to do any particular things to obtain those kinds of benefits.


One of the biggest things is oftentimes proving to the company that you do have a medical reason for your leave, and they are entitled to ask you for documentation to support a claim certainly for some type of leave other than an ordinary sick day. If you have questions regarding requesting off work due to health concerns, contact our experienced Orange County Employment Attorneys for a free initial consultation.


Do you need time off for surgery? Contact our Orange County Employment Attorney for advice.


This informational blog post was provided by Kim Patricia Berg, one of our experienced Orange County Employment Attorneys.