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January 2019 Archives

Thousands of New York workers received pay after wage theft

When employers do not provide their workers with the correct compensation for the hours worked and services provided, they have violated the law. Unfortunately, thousands of workers face wage theft every year, and their personal lives, financial lives and work lives can all suffer as a result. Fortunately, they can take steps to receive back pay and other compensation.

Settlement reached in sexual harassment, retaliation case

When wrongdoing occurs, especially in the workplace, New York residents often want to have a way to report the wrongdoing and have it addressed. While many places of employment have such procedures, complaints are not always handled as they should be. In fact, some workers could face retaliation for making claims of sexual harassment or other undesirable actions.

Police lieutenant files age discrimination lawsuit

Getting older is part of life. Some people may experience physical issues or health issues as they age, but for many others, they can continue living their lives as they have for years, including maintaining their jobs. However, some older individuals may face age discrimination and no longer feel welcome at their places of employment.

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