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August 2018 Archives

Former dean files lawsuit re retaliation

It is not unusual for New York workers to want to hold onto their employment for as long as possible. They may need their jobs for a variety of reasons, and the idea of putting employment at risk could be anxiety inducing. However, workers should not fear retaliation and possible job loss for reporting wrongdoing in the workplace or for helping a colleague do the same.

An employee handbook can be informative and protective

New York employers have numerous responsibilities that they must attend to. In efforts to make sure that their employees understand the various rules and policies associated with working for the company, it is wise to have an employee handbook that details this information. Giving the employees this information can make sure everyone is on the same page and protects employers from potential unsubstantiated claims.

Pregnancy discrimination claims filed in New York against Walmart

Many complicated scenarios can overlap. For numerous pregnant women, juggling their pregnancies and their jobs is often a situation they must contend with. It is common for pregnant women to continue working without issue or with reasonable accommodation, but some employers may see these workers as a burden. As a result, some women could become the victims of pregnancy discrimination.

Workplace discrimination can affect long-time workers

Many people can attest to the difficulties they face because they are members of a minority group. While a perfect world would see everyone treated equally, many individuals in these groups face a substantial amount of mistreatment, including workplace discrimination. Many New York workers may have faced this type of unfairness themselves.

Daily rates of pay may constitute wage theft for lack of overtime

Many workers have faced instances in which they have not been properly paid for their work. In these cases, their employers may have committed wage theft. This violation of wage and hour laws could lead to serious impacts on employees, and those workers may have reason to take legal action in hopes of receiving their due compensation.

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