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Workplace discrimination can affect long-time workers

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2018 | Uncategorized

Many people can attest to the difficulties they face because they are members of a minority group. While a perfect world would see everyone treated equally, many individuals in these groups face a substantial amount of mistreatment, including workplace discrimination. Many New York workers may have faced this type of unfairness themselves.

Individuals dealing with this type of problem may want to understand that they do have options for addressing this mistreatment. It was recently reported that a lawsuit was filed against a sports apparel company in another state due to discriminating against employees. Apparently, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed the suit after the claims of one man who has worked with the company since 2012.

The man, who is African-American, stated that he faced unfair treatment since his first day on the job when he was called a racial slur. Additionally, he believes that he did not get a promotion because of his complaints about discrimination in the workplace. Aside from missing out on the promotion, he claims that he was also harassed while at work in hopes that he would quit his job. The company denied the allegations that have been brought against it.

When individuals work in a hostile environment, they may think that they simply have to put up with it. However, workplace discrimination should not be tolerated, and New York workers who have been discriminated against may want to review their options for addressing the problems. In some cases, as this situation shows, lawsuits may be warranted in order to seek compensation and justice.