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August 2019 Archives

New York DOL wage theft investigation recovers $6 million

Not receiving proper compensation for services is a prevalent problem across the country. Many workers find themselves facing less pay than anticipated and deserved because their employers violated the law. In many cases, workers have to take action in efforts to have the wage theft addressed.

Obvious or subtle, workplace retaliation is illegal

Being treated unfairly on the job can be irksome to any New York worker. In some cases, the treatment may be annoying but not actually illegal. However, if the mistreatment results after a worker has filed a complaint or participated in an investigation into wrongdoing in the workplace, he or she could be facing retaliation.

Actress leaves "The Rookie" after facing discrimination

Even if people seem to have the perfect career, a lot can go on behind the scenes that others do not know about. Of course, the reason that some unseemly actions go unknown is that complaints are swept under the rug and not passed on to the proper parties. For instance, some people may think that acting on a popular television show is a dream job, but discrimination and harassment could be taking place.

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