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Actress leaves “The Rookie” after facing discrimination

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2019 | Workplace Discrimination

Even if people seem to have the perfect career, a lot can go on behind the scenes that others do not know about. Of course, the reason that some unseemly actions go unknown is that complaints are swept under the rug and not passed on to the proper parties. For instance, some people may think that acting on a popular television show is a dream job, but discrimination and harassment could be taking place.

New York readers may be interested in the account of actress Afton Williamson, who portrayed a character on the first season of ABC’s “The Rookie.” According to reports, Williamson made a post on social media indicating that she would not return to the show for its second season due to facing discrimination and harassment on set. She said that she filed complaints with the showrunner, but those complaints were not passed on the human resources department.

In those complaints, Williamson stated that she face discriminatory actions from the head of the show’s hair department and that a recurring guest star on the show sexually harassed her. Despite her complaints, she was still required to film scenes with the guest star. Entertainment One, the production company for the show, stated that an independent investigation was underway and that it did not want to provide a comment for the report.

Though some jobs may seem glamorous on the outside, internal issues can make those jobs a nightmare. Unfortunately, instances of discrimination and harassment can easily turn one’s dream job into an unbearable situation. If New York workers believe that they have been unjustly treated on the job, they may wish to consult with employment law attorneys about their options.