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May 2018 Archives

Pregnant women not immune to workplace discrimination

Many New York workers struggle with finding an even work-life balance. Of course, most people enjoy their work or need their work enough to try to have both a career and a family. Unfortunately, some women may find themselves forced to leave their jobs after becoming pregnant, not due to complications with their pregnancies but due to workplace discrimination.

Harassment, discrimination can create hostile workplaces

Everyone is different. However, some people's differences are more obvious than others, and as a result, they can sometimes face mistreatment from individuals who do not understand or simply have malicious intent. Unfortunately, New York workers could face harassment and discrimination on the job for their differences.

Retaliation for complaints may warrant legal action in New York

Working in a male-dominated profession can be difficult for female workers. Women may feel as if they have to work harder to prove themselves on the job though they are perfectly capable of performing their duties, and they may also have to contend with unseemly behaviors from co-workers. Unfortunately, some women may even face retaliation for complaining about such behaviors.

Certain actions may cause workers to suspect wrongful termination

When individuals face situations in which they feel they have been treated unfairly, they may consider their options on how to address the issue. In some cases, some New York residents may choose to ignore the unfairness as best as possible, but in other instances, such as wrongful termination, it may be more prudent to face the mistreatment head-on. As a result, legal action be prove necessary.

Pregnancy discrimination claim filed against Fox TV personality

Many individuals pride themselves on being hard workers. They do their best to work through sicknesses, ensure that they complete necessary tasks on time and properly, and show up when needed. As a result, when an employee becomes pregnant, she likely has the mindset to continue working as well as before. However, employers may treat workers unfairly as a form of pregnancy discrimination.

NYC legislation strengthens sexual harassment protections

New York City continues to take firm, ground-breaking steps toward battling sexual harassment with a series of bills recently passed by its city council. Among the new guidelines addressed include requiring employers to provide its workers with annual training toward preventing sexual harassment.

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