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Female workers claim harassment, retaliation at hospital

There are many instances in life when people may be subjected to unseemly behavior from others. While this type of scenario should not take place at work, it often does. Many New York workers may face sexual harassment and then face retaliation when they report the untoward actions.

Recent reports stated that five women in another state have filed complaints that a male co-worker at the hospital where they work sexually harassed them. The claims allege that the man showed them sexually suggestive videos, discussed his sex life and his genitalia, inappropriately touched female workers, made sexual comments about his co-workers and carried out sexually suggestive actions. The women also claim that nothing was done by the hospital management to stop the actions.

Car wash workers' fight for rightful compensation successful

Working hard is something that many New York residents take pride in. Of course, in addition to pride, it also provides individuals with wages that they can use to meet their needs. When employers do not properly pay their workers, individuals may find themselves having to fight for their rightful compensation.

New York residents may be interested in a lawsuit involving wage violations in another state. Reports stated that workers at two car washes were involved in the case as they were paid below minimum wage and did not receive overtime pay. The workers were also not given breaks during the workday. The report also indicated that workers received only $45 per work day after working 10 hours or more, which equates to approximately $4.50 per hour.

University employee claims workplace discrimination after firing

Obtaining a desired work position can be challenging. Unfortunately, many individuals in New York and other areas can face even more challenges to reach this goal due to having to contend with workplace discrimination. In fact, discriminatory acts from the same individuals can often lead to one person being passed over for a job multiple times.

It was recently reported that this type of scenario affected a person in another state. Apparently, the man had been hired at a university as a research associate. However, the man had a desire to teach and applied for teaching positions whenever they opened. After applying in 2013, the chair of the department and the individual in charge of hiring did not consider the man for an open teaching position.

How should a business respond to sexual harassment allegations?

Sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace are serious matters for all involved, including the business that it may have occurred at. Sometimes it can be difficult to know how a business should respond when an employee says he or she has been sexually harassed or discriminated against. However, the response a business makes to these allegations can affect the view employees have of the business as well as the business’ liability. That is why it is important to know some of the best steps to consider taking in response to sexual harassment or discrimination allegations.

First steps following sexual harassment or discrimination allegations

Worker claims retaliation after boss attempts to thwart testimony

Some people find it difficult to stand up for what is right. This feeling is understandable as some individuals may face negative repercussions for trying to help others or take action along those lines. However, if a worker faces retaliation in the workplace for standing up for a co-worker's claim of discrimination, that worker may have cause to take legal action.

New York residents may be interested in such a lawsuit that was recently filed in another state. Reports indicated that a worker was going to act as a witness in a co-workers case involving claims of discrimination against their employer. However, the employer attempted to get the worker not to testify and change his story so that the co-worker's discrimination claims were discredited. The employer even attempted to give the worker money and other benefits if he would not testify.

FedEx employees awarded compensation after facing retaliation

New York employees and those elsewhere have a reasonable expectation to work in an environment that is free from unnecessary safety risks. When workers notice safety concerns that may affect themselves or others, they should have the ability to report those concerns without fear of repercussion. However, some individuals may face retaliation from employers after making such concerns known.

It was recently reported that FedEx was ordered to pay over $7 million to two current employees and one former employee after they faced retaliation for raising safety concerns. Reports stated that the workers did not believe that the company was keeping their aircraft up to safety standards as required by the Federal Aviation Administration. As a result, they voiced those concerns, and instead of having their concerns addressed, they were disciplined.

Man with HIV claims discrimination in employment litigation

Many people have illnesses, disabilities or other health conditions that often have a negative stigma attached to them. Though these stigmas may have no real basis, individuals can still suffer from negative treatment and discrimination from others. When employers treat workers unfairly because of their conditions, it may warrant employment litigation.

New York residents may be interested in an lawsuit currently underway in another state. Reports indicated that a former employee of the burger chain Five Guys has filed suit against the company for discrimination. Apparently, the man began working for the chain in 2013, and several months later, he was diagnosed with HIV. However, his doctor stated that he was cleared to work with the stipulation that he wear gloves. Issues for the man began when the chain hired a new manager, and that manager reportedly began harassing the worker.

EEOC sues after unpaid pregnancy discrimination settlement

Pregnancy often means that a significant change is coming to someone's life or multiple people's lives. Typically, these changes are exciting, and expectant parents often look forward to welcoming a child. However, mothers-to-be can also face negative changes such as facing pregnancy discrimination at work.

New York readers may be interested in a case in another state involving this type of discrimination. Reports stated that a woman had filed a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission regarding the discrimination she faced while working for a towing company. The report did not detail what type of actions the woman faced, but the EEOC and the towing company apparently came to a settlement in mediation to pay the woman $5,500.

Settlement results from worker's discrimination claim

It is important for New York workers and those elsewhere to understand their rights. Without this information, they could face negative treatment at work and think that they just have to take it. Fortunately, there are many laws and regulations in place that work to protect employees from discrimination and other unjust actions in the workplace.

Of course, some employers may not abide by these laws, and workers could face unfair actions and negative repercussions. This type of situation recently affected a worker in another state. Reports indicated that an African-American employee was fired from his job after complaining about racist and discriminatory actions taking place on the job. The individual worked for a contractor as a backhoe operator, and the foreman reportedly used a racial slur on multiple occasions.

What does pregnancy discrimination look like?

Introducing a new child into the world is life-changing. However, one part of your life it should not have a large effect on is your job. When you are pregnant, your employer cannot treat you unfairly due to your pregnancy but unfortunately, pregnancy discrimination occurs in the workplace.

Sometimes, pregnancy discrimination is discreet. How do you know when you have cause to file a claim or take action against your employer for pregnancy discrimination?

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