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Former Netflix executive files pregnancy discrimination lawsuit

Though pregnancy can be an intense experience, it often does not inhibit individuals' abilities to perform their work-related duties. Many women in New York and elsewhere can easily carry on working well into the later stages of pregnancy or even up until their due dates arrive. However, their abilities may be overlooked if they are treated unfairly on the job due to pregnancy discrimination.

It was recently reported that a former Netflix executive has chosen to move forward with a lawsuit after being terminated from her job due to her pregnancy. Apparently, the woman informed her boss that she was pregnant, and afterward, she was removed from projects that she had been working on. In particular, she was no longer included in meetings or emails about a series on which she acted as one of the executors.

Claims for wage and hour violations can stem from unpaid overtime

Going into work can be a process for most New York residents. They may have a morning routine at home that includes showering, making coffee, getting dressed and a number of other activities to ensure that they get their day started right. When they finally make it to their places of employment, they may have to go through another routine before they can even get started working. However, if they do not get paid for mandatory check-ins, they may be the victims of wage and hour violations.

It was recently reported that a class action lawsuit was filed in another state to address this type of scenario. Apparently, workers at a corrections facility must go through multiple security checks before they are able to begin their shifts. The first check occurs when they arrive and before going onto the prison grounds. They must submit to a search and go through a scanner and turnstile. After that, they take a tram to their work locations and go through another screening process.

Legal action taken against unfair employment practices

Many New York residents may feel that they are at the beck and call of their employers. They may believe that they have to do everything those employers say or risk putting their jobs on the line. However, if workers suspect that their employers are carrying out unfair practices or mistreating workers, they do not have to remain silent. If they face negative repercussions as a result of speaking out, taking legal action may be warranted.

It was recently reported that a worker in another state has filed a lawsuit against his former employer due to unfair employment practices. Apparently, the man worked as a manager at a 7-Eleven, and while in that position, he hired a transgender person and a black person. The franchise owner apparently took issue with hiring these individuals. The manager told the franchise owner that certain actions would violate the civil rights of one of the workers, and the owner reportedly became hostile to the manager after that complaint. 

Workplace retaliation continues to prevail in tech industry

These days, it is common for people to hold jobs in the tech industry. New York residents and those around the country may work for internet startups, big-name online businesses or companies that provide some type of technological product or service. Unfortunately, a number of individuals who work in this industry are no stranger to workplace retaliation.

It was recently reported that a study was conducted to explore retaliation in the tech industry. The study involved 8,184 individuals participating in an anonymous survey that asked whether the participant had been retaliated against or witnessed retaliation by human resources or management. More than half of the respondents from five companies, including Pinterest and eBay, indicated that they had experienced or witnessed workplace retaliation.

Disability discrimination case comes to a settlement

Having a disability does not stop numerous people from holding down employment. Often, these individuals can meet the necessary requirements for a position and may only need certain accommodations to complete their tasks. However, some employers or prospective employers may treat these workers unfairly due to disability discrimination.

New York readers may be interested in a discrimination case that recently came to a settlement in another state. According to reports, a Navy veteran who contends with post-traumatic stress disorder applied for a position with a trucking company. Despite obtaining his commercial driver's license after completing the required course, the man was not hired because the company has a no-pet policy. The man has a service dog that helps him with issues stemming from his PTSD.

Wage theft study: Over $1.2 million stolen from workers

While the jobs people hold are not always their ideal professions, they still understand the importance of working hard so that they can earn a living. Unfortunately, some workers' efforts are undermined by employers who commit wage theft and other compensation violations. This type of scenario can affect employees in New York and across the country.

In fact, it was recently reported that workers in another state had over $1.2 million in wages stolen in 2018. This number comes from a worker center that conducted a study regarding wage theft in its area. The study involved individuals reporting their claims of wage theft to the worker center, and the workers at the center then analyzed the data. It was noted that the full report of the study would likely be ready in May.

Batali leaves the restaurant business

Following allegations of sexual assault, the famous TV personality and Italian chef, Mario Batali, has officially cut ties from his restaurant businesses. The high-profile incident is helping shed light on one of many industries that have often left female employees in pain, humiliation and distress.

Woman files appeal in pregnancy discrimination case

Pregnancy is often a joyful experience for many mothers-to-be, but it can also bring about many worries. In addition to concerns over the growth and well-being of the baby, many women in New York and elsewhere worry about whether they could face pregnancy discrimination at work. Unfortunately, such discrimination is a common occurrence.

One woman in another state recently filed an appeal in relation to a lawsuit against her former employer regarding pregnancy discrimination. After becoming pregnant, the woman's doctor told her that she should not lift more than 50 lbs. As an EMT, she often moved patients onto stretchers and carried out other duties that involved lifting significant weight. As a result, she requested light duty or temporary reassignment to dispatch. However, her request was denied as the company claimed that it only allowed modified duty to individuals who have been injured on the job.

Discrimination, retaliation leads to employment litigation

When serious issues arise in the workplace that result in the unfair treatment of an employee or multiple employees, action may need to be taken to address that mistreatment. Initial steps often involve discussing the problems internally with the human resources department or other upper-level authorities, but if that step does not lead to issues being rectified, other action may be needed. In serious cases, employment litigation may occur.

New York residents may be interested in a lawsuit that was recently filed by an employee in another state. According to reports, the African-American woman filed the suit claiming that her work environment was hostile and that she was mistreated due to her race. In relation to the racial discrimination, the woman stated that she was prevented from receiving promotions because supervisors would give her a negative performance review before she was able to apply for those promotions.

New York City protections for workplace discrimination cover hair

Many people know that employees can face discrimination. Race, religion and gender may immediately come to mind for many when they think of discrimination, but what about hair and hairstyles? Workplace discrimination based on natural hair and hairstyles, especially against individuals of African-American descent, has happened, and New York City is taking steps to prevent it in the future.

According to recent reports, bans have been put in place that prevent discrimination based on hair and hairstyles at places of employment and in public places, like schools and restaurants. This type of discrimination predominately affects black individuals, but the new policies protect any individual whose hairstyle has a connection with his or her ethnicity. The idea of discrimination over hair and hairstyles may be new to some individuals, but others have been the victims of such mistreatment.

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