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New York workers face retaliation for safety complaints

Though many jobs have dangerous aspects to them, employers should not knowingly violate safety regulations. If they do, workers can be placed at even greater risk than necessary. When workers do end up in this type of situation, they may feel the need to speak up. Unfortunately, these individuals could also face retaliation for pointing out violations.

It was recently reported that four workers in New York claim that they have faced retaliation on the job. The men work for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority as part of a track crew. They apparently approached their employer about making their work sites safer, but after making complaints about safety issues, the men state they began to face unfair treatment. They were sent home multiple times, and three of them are of risk of losing their positions entirely.

Google subject of gender discrimination, harassment lawsuit

Hostile work environments can come from any type of job. Individuals from low-paying service industries to high-income and high-profile jobs can all face mistreatment while working. Unfortunately, women in particular may face gender discrimination and sexual harassment on the job that can make it difficult to perform and even keep their jobs.

New York readers may be interested in such a situation that involves tech giant Google and a former employee. The employee was a female engineer at the company and had worked there for seven years before being dismissed from her position. The dismissal came about due to the woman allegedly performing her duties poorly, but she alleges that retaliation from her male co-workers made her job more difficult.

Wage theft can cause workers to earn far below minimum wage

Holding down a job can have its difficulties for many people, but they often work hard in attempts to provide for themselves and their families. The wages they earn may not be the most ideal amount, but they also likely pay the bills and help make ends meet. However, individuals may face unfair situations if their employers are committing wage theft and not providing proper compensation.

New York residents may be interested in such a situation that took place in another state. Reports indicated that 25 servers at a seafood restaurant were affected by apparent wage theft. Several workers had reportedly made claims to a civil rights group due to believing that they were being underpaid. The servers were being paid as low as $4 per hour.

Suggestions for employers handling EEOC claims

The Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) released enforcement and litigation data for the 2017 fiscal year. The 84,254 workplace discrimination charges listed on the report led to 184 lawsuits against employers and $398 million in settlements.


Workplace discrimination can turn dreams into nightmares

Having the courage to leave one's country of origin can be a great feat. Of course, many individuals have dreams that involve leaving their homelands in order to pursue opportunities elsewhere. It is not unusual for parties to reach their goals, but instead of feeling overjoyed at their achievements, they may feel dismayed as they contend with workplace discrimination.

New York readers may sympathize with one woman in another area who faced such a situation. According to reports, it had been the woman's dream to leave her home country and become a nurse in the United States. Though she did achieve this desired goal, the environment at the hospital where she worked became so hostile toward her that she became afraid to go to work.

Workplace discrimination complaints sometimes lead to retaliation

When issues arise in a person's workplace, he or she may want to take steps to address and correct the problems. Most places of employment have procedures in place that help employees file complaints when the need arises. However, some individuals may find themselves in an even more difficult predicament if they file complaints regarding workplace discrimination and end up facing retaliation.

New York residents may be interested in such a situation that recently took place in another state. Reports indicated that a man had filed a complaint with the hospital where he worked due to facing harassment and other negative actions directed toward him due to his race. After filing his complaint, the man was fired from his job, which he believes was an act of retaliation.

Pregnancy discrimination can spoil an otherwise happy experience

The joy that comes along with learning that a person is expecting a baby can feel overwhelming. Many New York residents may want to spread the news as soon as possible, but for others, they may have feelings of apprehension. Mothers-to-be who are employed may feel particularly worried about telling their bosses about their pregnancies due to fear about pregnancy discrimination.

Though many women can carry out their regular work duties while expecting a child, their employers may still find their pregnancies inconvenient. One woman in another state experienced a negative reaction from her supervisor regarding her pregnancy. She had obtained a note from her doctor about job restrictions, and instead of offering her a modified workload, the supervisor told the woman to go to human resources.

Age discrimination can negatively affect employees

If a person has the ability and willingness to hold a job, he or she should be considered for employment fairly. However, some employers may consider a person's age to be a hindrance, even if the individual has shown no signs that an older age has caused a work-related problem. If an employee loses his or her job without any true cause, he or she may have reason to file a discrimination claim.

New York residents may be interested in such a case in another state that recently came to a settlement. Reports stated that a hospital faced allegations of age discrimination, and the claims led to an investigation by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. It found that the hospital had discriminated against 29 employees.

Increased contract work may mean more disputes

The days of consistent employment, complete with salaries and benefits, may be fading. The reality of today’s job market is shifting away from traditional job opportunities toward temporary contract work. While this change can offer workers more autonomy within their careers, it doesn’t come without drawbacks.

A new survey by NPR and Marist found that 32 million workers in America are now freelancers and contractors, half of which go without employer-provided insurance or retirement plans. The complicated nature of contracting calls into question legal protections, if any, for this large portion of the workforce.

Retaliation suits can help New York victims move forward

Many employees receive benefits or discounts at their place of work. Although there are normally restrictions to these benefits, New York companies may approve alternative uses. A former worker for United Airlines claims that the air carrier did just that with his employee benefit, but later used that exception as a basis for retaliation.

United Airlines gives employees a friends and family travel benefit. Although this benefit is typically limited to family members and friends that workers directly know, the carrier made an exception in 2015. The former employee requested that Paul Wall -- a well-known rapper -- be added to his list, so that he could utilize the benefit when traveling for his charity work. United approved the request.

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