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What is sexual harassment in the workplace?

Sexual harassment is a problem in many workplaces, but it isn't something that workers should have to deal with. Employers must have specific rules against sexual harassment in all forms. They must relay these to all workers, including supervisors, so everyone knows...

At-will at a glance in the Empire State

“At-will” employment means you can quit your job when and why you want and, also, your employer can fire you when and why they want. At-will employment is the law across most of the U.S. Still, the at-will rule has so many exceptions that job separation...

Understanding age discrimination

As more and more Baby-Boomers get closer to retirement age, the issue of age discrimination in the workplace becomes more prominent. Elder Americans have a right to work for as long as they are able and willing to do so and should not be punished or limited for it. If...

You can and should refuse dangerous work

Some jobs are just plain dangerous no matter what. New York happens to be chock-full of two of the most dangerous industries: construction and cooking. Both of these labor-intensive jobs run the risk of severe injury due to heavy lifting in unstable, fast-paced...