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August 2017 Archives

New York employee may face discrimination due to being Caucasian

A Caucasian judge in a southeastern state lost her job last year due to alleged racial discrimination. She thus sought a settlement from the county where she had been a judge. The woman recently won a settlement totaling $90,000 from the county for which she had worked. Any worker in New York who faces illegal discrimination in the workplace has the right to seek justice in an effort to hold the employer accountable.

College may discriminate based on gender in New York

A former women's college dean recently claimed that the college discriminated her on the basis of her gender. She has therefore decided to file a lawsuit against the college. Employees in New York who face gender discrimination have the right to take legal action.

Severance agreement may hurt future New York work opportunities

A severance agreement, also known as a separation agreement, governs the terms of the separation of an employee from his or her employment at a company. One reason a company in New York might want to give you a severance agreement is to minimize the chance that you will file a legal claim against the company. You might also receive this type of agreement if the company wishes to give you severance pay for being a long-term or loyal employee.

Teachers may face discrimination in New York

In a nearby state, a Caucasian teacher alleged that her school district discriminated against her. She has thus decided to sue the district. When employees in New York face discrimination on the basis of race or gender, it is within their rights to seek justice through the civil court system.

New York discrimination may lead to multi-million-dollar verdict

A former school teacher in another state claimed that she was discriminated against due to being white. She therefore filed a lawsuit against her employer and recently was awarded over $4.3 million in the suit. Employees in New York who are mistreated because of their race have the right to fight back through the civil court system.

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