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December 2016 Archives

Westchester County Employment Attorney Explains Where to Bring a Claim of Discrimination

As skilled Westchester County Employment Attorneys, we often hear from employees seeking to bring a claim of discrimination in New York State. In New York, you can sue in any number of locations. One could be, for example, before an agency referred to as the New York State Division of Human Rights. In that forum you have less formality, there's no rules of evidence which can apply, you can have counsel but you're not required to, and the damages that you can seek at the end of the hearing are pretty much equivalent to what you could be able to recover in a court.

Putnam County Civil Rights Lawyer Discusses a Tenant Suing Over Discrimination

As Putnam County Civil Rights Lawyers, in the area of housing discrimination, there are claims typically filed by owners of units in coops or condo associations or tenants in rental situations. The housing laws provide for pretty stiff penalties if you’re found to have willfully discriminated against an individual on account of various protective characteristics including gender, race, and pregnancy for example, familial status, marital status, etcetera. If you are the subject of such a complaint, it’s very important to seek out legal counsel immediately so that you do not say or do anything that will further increase the likelihood that this tenant or owner will succeed in a lawsuit against you, because you want to essentially dam the problem as opposed to make it balloon.

Rockland County Employment Lawyer Explains If You Are Required to Pay Certain Employees Overtime

As experienced Rockland County Employment Lawyers, many employers come to us asking whether they have to pay overtime to particular employees. The answer is: it depends. First of all, there are several laws that apply to overtime. First is a federal statute, The Fair Labor Standards Act also known as FLSA and the other is, in our state, the New York State Labor Law. Under New York State Labor Law, typically, employees who do not exercise discretion, are not professionals, for example, may be entitled to overtime. Under federal law it is slightly different and slightly more complicated.

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