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January 2018 Archives

Increased contract work may mean more disputes

The days of consistent employment, complete with salaries and benefits, may be fading. The reality of today’s job market is shifting away from traditional job opportunities toward temporary contract work. While this change can offer workers more autonomy within their careers, it doesn’t come without drawbacks.

Retaliation suits can help New York victims move forward

Many employees receive benefits or discounts at their place of work. Although there are normally restrictions to these benefits, New York companies may approve alternative uses. A former worker for United Airlines claims that the air carrier did just that with his employee benefit, but later used that exception as a basis for retaliation.

Google accused of gender-based workplace discrimination

In New York, Google may be known as a leader in technological advancements and search engine algorithms, but there is one area that it may fall dismally short -- workplace equality. An amendment was recently added to a class action lawsuit, which claims that Google continually pays women less than men. The alleged workplace discrimination occurs across different positions and skill levels.

Compensation possible for New York retaliation victims

Deadlines, difficult assignments and an empty coffee pot in the break room might all be sources of stress at work, but some workers must deal with far worse. An out-of-state woman suffered troubling and ongoing retaliation at her place of work, for which she later received compensation. Retaliation claims such as hers are often effective for New York workers as well.

Employer contracts protect employment relationships in New York

Even when faced with a dream job or an ideal candidate, it is understandable that employees and employers alike want to protect their personal interests. These interests may be best protected through employer contracts. When written effectively, these tools are usually effective at protecting employment relationships in New York.

Sexual harassment or office shenanigans?

The National Women's Law Center reported that at least one-fourth of working women have been exposed to some form of sexual harassment in the workplace. Unfortunately 70 to 90% of these women never speak up. Often victims are afraid of losing their jobs, they may feel shame or embarrassment over what they went through or think their story will not be believed.

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