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January 2016 Archives

White Plains Employment Attorney Discusses Being Denied a Civil Service Position Based on Union Activities

As an experienced White Plains Employment Attorney, over the years we've had a number of employees in the municipal sector who come to us having been denied a promotion and sometimes they think the denial of promotion is based on their union activities. We counsel the employees that there are certain rules that govern promotion in the New York State Civil Service area and one can only be promoted in certain positions from a civil service certified eligible promotional list. The law requires that an employer promote one of the top three individuals on that list.

Putnam County Tenant Rights Lawyer Discusses Not Having Your Lease Renewed Due to Pregnancy

As experienced Putnam County Tenant Rights Lawyers, we sometimes see situations where a tenant has been in a building for a period of time and then became pregnant. In one recent case, this occurred an the tenant's lease was not renewed after several years of being in that building. Of course, the assumption is that it’s related to the fact that she’s now going to have a child. The question becomes whether you can prove that that’s the reason for a non-renewal of the lease or whether there’s some other fact or factors that contributed to that decision.

Rockland County Employment Lawyer Explains If You Are Entitled To Your Bonus If You Quit Your Job

In many situations, your salary and pieces of your salary or components of your salary are not just base salary. A lot of times there could be a percentage that’s paid on a commision-basis for attaining a certain sales revenue or achieving a certain goal or performance plan. There are also situations where companies provide bonuses. These payments are made usually at typical periodic time during a company’s fiscal years. You have to be careful in terms of your separation from employment as to the timing of that.

White Plains Student Discipline Lawyer Explains if Your Child Has Any Recourse After Being Summarily Dismissed

As experienced White Plains Student Discipline Lawyers, we've dealt with a number of students lately who are actually in graduate school; could be medical school, could be a post-back in anticipation of medical school. It could also be programs for example such as a physician’s assistant program. We’ve had a couple of occasions where the student has been dismissed from the program typically after one or two other instances of probation. The question becomes: what can be done?

New York Employment Lawyer Discusses Requesting an Accommodation under The Americans With Disabilities Act

As an experienced New York Employment Lawyer, I most often get asked how to request an accommodation at the office under the americans with disabilities act.  In terms of the disability laws in New York, if the employee is always putting a statement out there that they are suffering from some mental or physical incapacity and the question arises as to what exactly the employee needs to do, to prove to the employer that they are actually suffering this physical or mental incapacity. Often times, these are accompanied by requests for the employee to be accommodated in some way in the workplace in New York.

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