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White Plains Student Discipline Lawyer Explains if Your Child Has Any Recourse After Being Summarily Dismissed

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2016 | Uncategorized

As experienced White Plains Student Discipline Lawyers, we’ve dealt with a number of students lately who are actually in graduate school; could be medical school, could be a post-back in anticipation of medical school. It could also be programs for example such as a physician’s assistant program. We’ve had a couple of occasions where the student has been dismissed from the program typically after one or two other instances of probation. The question becomes: what can be done?

In the academic setting, the rules of the academy rule and prevail, and so the first thing we do is turn to the rules of that particular institution, we review them with the client, and we urge the client to pursue every avenue that is available under the rules of the institution. If and when the student does that and is still unsuccessful, there may be further internal appeals and following those it is possible to commence an action here in New York in state supreme court to challenge the determination. Our White Plains Student Discipline Lawyers look at all the facts and circumstances because the statistics show that those actions commenced in court typically are resolved in favor of the academic institution and not in favor of the student.

This video was provided by Jane Bilus Gould, one of our experienced White Plains Student Discipline Lawyers.