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February 2018 Archives

Workplace discrimination can turn dreams into nightmares

Having the courage to leave one's country of origin can be a great feat. Of course, many individuals have dreams that involve leaving their homelands in order to pursue opportunities elsewhere. It is not unusual for parties to reach their goals, but instead of feeling overjoyed at their achievements, they may feel dismayed as they contend with workplace discrimination.

Workplace discrimination complaints sometimes lead to retaliation

When issues arise in a person's workplace, he or she may want to take steps to address and correct the problems. Most places of employment have procedures in place that help employees file complaints when the need arises. However, some individuals may find themselves in an even more difficult predicament if they file complaints regarding workplace discrimination and end up facing retaliation.

Pregnancy discrimination can spoil an otherwise happy experience

The joy that comes along with learning that a person is expecting a baby can feel overwhelming. Many New York residents may want to spread the news as soon as possible, but for others, they may have feelings of apprehension. Mothers-to-be who are employed may feel particularly worried about telling their bosses about their pregnancies due to fear about pregnancy discrimination.

Age discrimination can negatively affect employees

If a person has the ability and willingness to hold a job, he or she should be considered for employment fairly. However, some employers may consider a person's age to be a hindrance, even if the individual has shown no signs that an older age has caused a work-related problem. If an employee loses his or her job without any true cause, he or she may have reason to file a discrimination claim.

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