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Workplace discrimination can turn dreams into nightmares

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2018 | Uncategorized

Having the courage to leave one’s country of origin can be a great feat. Of course, many individuals have dreams that involve leaving their homelands in order to pursue opportunities elsewhere. It is not unusual for parties to reach their goals, but instead of feeling overjoyed at their achievements, they may feel dismayed as they contend with workplace discrimination.

New York readers may sympathize with one woman in another area who faced such a situation. According to reports, it had been the woman’s dream to leave her home country and become a nurse in the United States. Though she did achieve this desired goal, the environment at the hospital where she worked became so hostile toward her that she became afraid to go to work.

The woman claims that she endured bullying and unfair treatment at the hospital due to her Spanish-speaking accent and personal issues relating to post-traumatic stress disorder stemming from childhood trauma. Though she took steps to report the mistreatment to the human resources department, rather than helping the woman, the HR director suggested that she find other employment. As a result, the woman has taken legal action against the hospital for their discriminatory actions.

It is unfortunate that workplace discrimination continues to be a prevalent issue in across the country. Workers in New York who have had to contend with harassment, discrimination, bullying and other negative behavior from co-workers or superiors may want to explore their legal options as well. Speaking with experienced employment law attorneys could help them ensure that they understand their available avenues for potentially seeking justice.

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