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October 2017 Archives

Should New York workers sign employment contracts?

Employers hold much of the power during the hiring and separation processes. Potential candidates and new hires are often required to sign contracts when being considered or offered a job. These documents can be complex, especially for the typical New York worker who simply wants to understand what he or she is signing.

New York whistleblowers are protected by OSHA

Whether it's the possible presence of asbestos, improperly stored chemicals or lax safety protocols, workers are usually some of the first people to bring workplace issues to the attention of their bosses. Most would expect that their employer and subsequent higher ups would take safety issues seriously, but unfortunately the opposite is often true. Some New York employers would rather ignore these violations and allow the problems to persist.

Workers in New York vulnerable to paid sick leave violations

For some workers, paid sick leave is the only way they can take time to manage an illness while still earning enough to pay their bills. Unfortunately, even when paid sick leave is legally guaranteed -- such as in New York City -- many employees skirt the law. In the city, the number of complaints regarding paid sick leave violations rose by about 10 percent since 2016.

New York detectives file suit over racial discrimination

A police department is under fire for its allegedly discriminatory promotion practices. In a recently filed suit, multiple black detectives allege that they were passed over for promotions despite excellent performances. The New York City Police Department has not responded to the claim that it purposely promoted white detectives over their black peers, even when they were less qualified.

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