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June 2019 Archives

Class action lawsuit involves workers affected by wage theft

New York residents have various goals that they hope their jobs will help them achieve. Some may want to reach certain positions during their careers or have other long-term goals, and others may simply want to earn enough income to care for their families. Unfortunately, when individuals are subjected to wage theft, it can be difficult to reach even the simplest of goals.

Retaliation could happen after protected activity participation

Some New York residents may feel as if their bosses do not like them. Though this feeling may be uncomfortable, it does not necessarily mean that anything illegal is taking place. However, if workers feel that they are the victims of retaliation, they may be facing an entirely different ordeal altogether.

Judge rules in favor of woman in pregnancy discrimination case

It may seem outdated to some to think that women do not belong in the workforce. However, many women continue to face employment discrimination in New York and across the country in various forms. In particular, pregnancy discrimination continues to be an issue that puts workers and their jobs in precarious positions despite protections provided by law.

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