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Class action lawsuit involves workers affected by wage theft

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2019 | Wage & Hour Claims

New York residents have various goals that they hope their jobs will help them achieve. Some may want to reach certain positions during their careers or have other long-term goals, and others may simply want to earn enough income to care for their families. Unfortunately, when individuals are subjected to wage theft, it can be difficult to reach even the simplest of goals.

It was recently reported that several workers in another state are participating in a class action lawsuit regarding unpaid wages. Apparently, the workers carried out janitorial services at multiple schools and were contract workers for a maintenance service. The workers claim that they were forced to clock out for lunch breaks but still had to work during that time. As a result, they did not receive payment for that time. Additionally, the workers claim that they were not provided a premium wage for additional duties even though their contracts stipulated such terms.

Eight workers are currently representing the class in the lawsuit. One worker stated that she did not receive over $2,000 in compensation despite performing her work duties. The wage theft has reportedly been taking place for at least five years.

It can be beyond disheartening for workers to perform their jobs well and not receive proper payment. It can also be confusing because many New York workers may not know what to do about this type of issue. However, wage theft is against the law, and if workers believe that they have not received their fair compensation, they may wish to speak with legal professionals about their concerns.