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March 2019 Archives

Disability discrimination case comes to a settlement

Having a disability does not stop numerous people from holding down employment. Often, these individuals can meet the necessary requirements for a position and may only need certain accommodations to complete their tasks. However, some employers or prospective employers may treat these workers unfairly due to disability discrimination.

Wage theft study: Over $1.2 million stolen from workers

While the jobs people hold are not always their ideal professions, they still understand the importance of working hard so that they can earn a living. Unfortunately, some workers' efforts are undermined by employers who commit wage theft and other compensation violations. This type of scenario can affect employees in New York and across the country.

Batali leaves the restaurant business

Following allegations of sexual assault, the famous TV personality and Italian chef, Mario Batali, has officially cut ties from his restaurant businesses. The high-profile incident is helping shed light on one of many industries that have often left female employees in pain, humiliation and distress.

Woman files appeal in pregnancy discrimination case

Pregnancy is often a joyful experience for many mothers-to-be, but it can also bring about many worries. In addition to concerns over the growth and well-being of the baby, many women in New York and elsewhere worry about whether they could face pregnancy discrimination at work. Unfortunately, such discrimination is a common occurrence.

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