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Wage theft study: Over $1.2 million stolen from workers

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2019 | Wage & Hour Claims

While the jobs people hold are not always their ideal professions, they still understand the importance of working hard so that they can earn a living. Unfortunately, some workers’ efforts are undermined by employers who commit wage theft and other compensation violations. This type of scenario can affect employees in New York and across the country.

In fact, it was recently reported that workers in another state had over $1.2 million in wages stolen in 2018. This number comes from a worker center that conducted a study regarding wage theft in its area. The study involved individuals reporting their claims of wage theft to the worker center, and the workers at the center then analyzed the data. It was noted that the full report of the study would likely be ready in May.

As part of the information they have already gleaned from the study, they found that most of the people affected by the theft were in low-paying jobs, like day laborers and domestic workers. On average, approximately $3,600 was stolen from each worker. It was not mentioned what methods were used in the unfair compensation of the workers.

Wage theft is a violation of the law, and if New York workers or those elsewhere have been the victims of such a crime, they have a right to pursue legal action. Gaining information on how to move forward with a claim could be helpful to individuals looking to obtain their rightful compensation. Consulting with experienced employment law attorneys may interested parties in this type of difficult situation.