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September 2019 Archives

What is sexual harassment in the workplace?

Sexual harassment is a problem in many workplaces, but it isn't something that workers should have to deal with. Employers must have specific rules against sexual harassment in all forms. They must relay these to all workers, including supervisors, so everyone knows that it isn't tolerated.

Violations of wage and hour laws continue to affect workers

Working is how most people earn the money that allows them to meet their basic needs. In favorable situations, New York residents have the ability to earn more than just enough to meet those needs, but many people do not. In some cases, employers can make matters worse by violating wage and hour laws and causing employees to come up short on compensation.

Workplace discrimination case ruled in favor of couple

Being discriminated against can come at any time. Some individuals may feel as if they have faced a significant amount of mistreatment throughout their lives due to their race, religion, national origin or other characteristics. Though workplace discrimination is illegal, some individuals still find themselves subjected to mistreatment while on the job.

EEOC files pregnancy discrimination suit after termination

Many people think long and hard before deciding to have children. They may think about their living arrangements, personal capabilities and financial affairs before deciding to take such a major step in life. What they may not consider, however, is the possibility of facing pregnancy discrimination at work.

Wrongful termination case comes to settlement for former deputy

Most people intend to go to work and carry out their necessary duties as best as possible. Unfortunately, in some cases, workers could still find themselves being dismissed from their jobs due to the unfair reasoning of their employers. This type of incident could give a worker cause to take legal action for wrongful termination.

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