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Wrongful termination case comes to settlement for former deputy

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2019 | Employment Litigation

Most people intend to go to work and carry out their necessary duties as best as possible. Unfortunately, in some cases, workers could still find themselves being dismissed from their jobs due to the unfair reasoning of their employers. This type of incident could give a worker cause to take legal action for wrongful termination.

New York readers may be interested in this type of case that recently came to a settlement in another state. According to reports, a deputy with a county sheriff’s department claimed that she was unjustly terminated from her job after not helping the sheriff with this re-election campaign. She stated that she received criticism from the sheriff in which he stated that he had anticipated that she would be more help in securing African-American voters because she is African-American.

Later, she began being left out of meetings and her work-related duties were given to other deputies. She was then terminated from her position. She had worked with the department for approximately five years and filed a wrongful termination claim months after her dismissal. The case recently came to a settlement in which the former deputy was awarded $30,000.

Wrongful termination is a serious issue. When workers lose their jobs for unjust reasons, it can be difficult to take. As this case shows, there may be cause for some workers to take a closer look at their dismissals to determine whether taking legal action could suit their cases. New York workers facing this type of ordeal may wish to speak with employment law attorneys about their options.