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July 2017 Archives

Women of color in New York may face discrimination in STEM fields

Women of color in New York remain a largely underrepresented group in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM. In fact, they particularly face challenges in planetary science and astronomy due to race and gender. Fortunately, those in New York who experience discrimination in the workplace have the right to take legal action.

Sexual harassment suits may be filed against New York companies

A woman who used to work for a refinery of Shell Oil recently claimed that she was discriminated against due to her sex. She has filed a lawsuit against the company. Those in New York who face sexual discrimination or sex-based harassment have the right to take legal action.

Job applicants may face race discrimination in New York

An African-American man in another state recently claimed that he did not get the city human resource director job for which he had applied, simply because of his race. He has therefore filed a discrimination claim against the city. If job applicants in New York are mistreated on account of their race, it is within their rights to seek to hold accountable the companies that discriminated against them.

Time and Half? Knowing the overtime rules

Sam, a purchasing manager, worked late on Tuesday--well past his usual departure time of 4:30. When his wife called at 8 o'clock, he finally called it a night and went home. The next day, Sam again worked late and by the end of the week he had put in a ten extra hours.

New York employees may face sexual harassment, discrimination

Female employees at the electric automaker Tesla recently recounted situations where they were sexually harassed. The employees also alleged that male managers mistreated them. Employees in New York and elsewhere who experience sexual harassment or discrimination in the workplace have the right to seek justice through the civil court system.

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