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Former dean files lawsuit re retaliation

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2018 | Uncategorized

It is not unusual for New York workers to want to hold onto their employment for as long as possible. They may need their jobs for a variety of reasons, and the idea of putting employment at risk could be anxiety inducing. However, workers should not fear retaliation and possible job loss for reporting wrongdoing in the workplace or for helping a colleague do the same.

One man in another state believes that he was retaliated against after recently being terminated from his position as dean of a university. Reports stated that the man had helped a co-worker file a complaint against the university president after the co-worker alleged that she had been sexually harassed by that individual. This was reportedly not the first harassment claim to have been filed against the man.

After helping his colleague, the former dean was fired from his position. As a result, he has filed a lawsuit for retaliation. A statement from the university denied the harassment and retaliation allegations. The former dean hopes to receive back pay and other compensation for damages resulting from the situation.

Retaliation can cause a number of hardships on a worker, especially if termination results. New York workers who believed that they have been treated unfairly for reporting misconduct in the workplace may find it in their best interests to explore their legal options. As this case shows, there may be reason to pursue lawsuits in efforts to obtain justice and recompense for the difficulties resulting from unfair actions.