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Pregnancy discrimination claims filed in New York against Walmart

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2018 | Uncategorized

Many complicated scenarios can overlap. For numerous pregnant women, juggling their pregnancies and their jobs is often a situation they must contend with. It is common for pregnant women to continue working without issue or with reasonable accommodation, but some employers may see these workers as a burden. As a result, some women could become the victims of pregnancy discrimination.

It was recently reported that two women in New York have filed claims against Walmart for this type of discrimination. The women allege that they were terminated from their positions due to missing work in order to contend with pregnancy-related conditions. In the state, companies need only four workers in order for employers to have an obligation to provide accommodations for pregnant workers.

Of course, when claims are made, it is important to have evidence that the discrimination has occurred. In cases of being mistreated for pregnancy, it can be difficult to obtain such evidence. However, if women have notes from their doctors indicating that certain accommodations are needed and employers do not provide those accommodations, that information can act as evidence in such a case.

Individuals should be able to feel happy about expecting a child without having to fear pregnancy discrimination. Regrettably, many women in New York and across the country face this type of issue. When this problem affects workers, they may want to find out what legal steps they could take to enforce their rights. Speaking with experienced employment law attorneys could help negatively affected parties fight back against this and other types of discrimination.