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Police lieutenant files age discrimination lawsuit

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2019 | Uncategorized

Getting older is part of life. Some people may experience physical issues or health issues as they age, but for many others, they can continue living their lives as they have for years, including maintaining their jobs. However, some older individuals may face age discrimination and no longer feel welcome at their places of employment.

New York residents may be interested in this type of situation that affected a worker in another state. Reports indicated that the 51-year-old police lieutenant faced harassment from a police captain due to his age after he and the captain disagreed about the hiring of a new recruit. The captain then began referring to the lieutenant as “older timer” and “old salt” and carrying out other harassing actions. The lieutenant also reportedly had a hard time accessing sick leave due to the captain’s actions.

The lieutenant filed a complaint with the human resources department regarding the treatment, and not long after, the chief of the police department requested a meeting with the lieutenant in which the chief stated that the lieutenant should have come to him first before going to HR. The lieutenant tried to inform the chief about the stress the harassment had caused him, but the chief reportedly used a vulgar term to essentially call the lieutenant a wimp. The chief also reportedly stated that he would embarrass the lieutenant if the complaint went any further. The lieutenant has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the police department and the town.

Age discrimination can easily cause a once-welcoming work environment to become hostile. When New York workers have to contend with such mistreatment, they can suffer in many ways. As this case shows, it may take significant steps to fully address such issues, including taking legal action.