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Westchester County Employment Lawyer Discusses Being Demoted For Trying to Unionize

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2016 | Uncategorized

As experienced Westchester County Employment Lawyers, we often have clients who come to us, particularly in the municipal situation, where the client is a professional himself and has actually tried to unionize, to organize a group of other people at his workplace into a collective bargaining unit or a union. In one particular case we had recently, the employer was aware that this employee, our client, was involved in this activity and suddenly the employee was demoted.


There are some actions that one can take and among them are a compliant to the New York State Public Employee Relations Board, also known as PERB, and the other option may be, depending on the facts and circumstances of the situation, a commencement of a federal lawsuit claiming a First Amendment violation meaning violating that employee’s right to associate or endeavor in activities on behalf of the union.


Again, as in many questions in this area, we look at the facts and circumstances of the situation, the nature of the individual’s employment before we give a reasoned decision as to what we can do for that employee. If you have any questions regarding being demoted for your union activities, contact our experienced Westchester County Employment Lawyers for a free initial consultation.


Have you been demoted because you tried to unionize? Contact our Westchester County Employment Lawyer for guidance.


This informational blog post was provided by Jane Bilus Gould, one of our experienced Westchester County Employment Lawyers.