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Training may help but not always prevent workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

Needing a job is one of life’s many realities that most people in New York and elsewhere contend with. Many individuals are fortunate enough to enjoy their work and have pleasant working environments. Unfortunately, that is not the case for everyone, and workplace discrimination can easily affect numerous employees who may even fear going to work.

Discrimination can come in many forms and result for many reasons. Even simply being a different gender can result in hardships in the workplace as 42 percent of female workers have faced some type of gender discrimination on the job. Of course, being discriminated against for race and religion are also common issues that too many employees experience over the course of their careers. Some individuals may not even be aware that they are being discriminatory, but a bias against someone for a particular characteristic can easily turn into discrimination.

Training to recognize and prevent discriminatory actions can help make work environments more welcoming. If parties do not recognize that their actions are problematic, they may continue to a point that serious issues result. Employees and managers could all benefit from receiving applicable training.

Still, even when training and policies are in place, workplace discrimination can still occur. Hopefully, victims of such actions can take steps to report the discrimination internally, but it is not uncommon for the situations to be improperly handled. If New York residents face this type of predicament and unfairness, they may want to gain information on their legal options to ensure that they do not have to contend with mistreatment on the job.