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Former Netflix executive files pregnancy discrimination lawsuit

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2019 | Gender & Pregnancy Discrimination

Though pregnancy can be an intense experience, it often does not inhibit individuals’ abilities to perform their work-related duties. Many women in New York and elsewhere can easily carry on working well into the later stages of pregnancy or even up until their due dates arrive. However, their abilities may be overlooked if they are treated unfairly on the job due to pregnancy discrimination.

It was recently reported that a former Netflix executive has chosen to move forward with a lawsuit after being terminated from her job due to her pregnancy. Apparently, the woman informed her boss that she was pregnant, and afterward, she was removed from projects that she had been working on. In particular, she was no longer included in meetings or emails about a series on which she acted as one of the executors.

Her boss also began making demeaning comments toward her. Though she made complaints to human resources, she was instructed to talk to her boss about the situation. However, her boss only pressured her to quit her job. The woman did not agree to quit, and the next day, she was fired without explanation. A representative for Netflix provided a statement indicating that the woman’s claims were unfounded.

When pregnancy discrimination results in job loss or other unwarranted forms of retaliation, it is wise for individuals to consider their legal options. This type of unfair treatment does not have to be accepted, and if the situation warrants it, lawsuits could help have concerns addressed. New York workers may want to speak with knowledgeable attorneys if they have such concerns.